Sunday, February 24, 2008

6DP3DT - Reality Check

This morning I woke up feeling that history is repeating itself. Yes, its still early....I know that. However I've never felt anything before with cycles and I don't feel jack now. I'm not bloated anymore, nothing, nada! And it doesn't help that my temps went sky high and the only place for them to go is down and now everyday they have been on a steep hill downward. But then when I test throughout the day they are back up in the 99 area....doesn't make sense, but doesn't look good either.

I'm finding it harder and harder to remain optimistic like I was. I haven't lost the faith, but I'm having to put in overtime to keep the faith.

Incase you didn't figure it out already. This mornings test was a BFN.

Update: So after writing this I got up and went to church. Oh the wonders a good word will do you!

Went to church and got my faith renewed. I picked up some different tests because I just found out the test I've been using is some crap.

Apparentely the old style FRERs like I've been using are not as sensitive as the newer style FRERs and they are BFN when other test are clearly showing a +++. I guess it was a reason I only paid $8. on Ebay for 25 of them.

My temp is acting crazy again and I've had some cramping today.

My temps:
5:30 - 98.4
7:30 - 99.5
10:30 - 99.7
3:00 - 99.5

So I'll just wait it out and see.


Kymberli said...

Are you saying that the new tests are giving you positives? Old FRERs, and FRERs in general aren't as sensitive as other tests. Dollar Trees (believe it or not), Equates, Accu-clears, and Answer Early tend to show positives and darker lines than FRERs.

I found your blog on Friday, read through the whole thing, and have been stalking it since then waiting for an update. I will keep you in my prayers! When is your beta? :o)

Ms. J and Dr. J said...

Been thinking about you while I was away for the weekend (family thing -- fun, actually). I am stressing (though trying hard not to) about my upcoming first try . . . it occurred to me that even when it doesn't work, the doctors are perhaps given another piece to the puzzle (as with my recent MTHFR Gene diagnosis), which helps them help us get that much closer. I know this isn't necessarily going to help you feel more reassured, but maybe it will give you something to think about. BTW, the Dollar General's $1 tests are as sensitive as the Clear Blue Easy's, LOL. You can go a google search and find pages that will tell you how sensitive each test is. XOXO.

Lisa said...

Telling you what you already know: It is too soon to give up. It is too early to expect a reliable + on an HPT, especially FRER. And, you should step away from the thermometer. :)

Sending you snuggly implantation vibes!

La La said...

I know that you know this...but it is WAAAAAY too early to tell anything yet. Give it a few more days, and symptoms don't mean ANYTHING!! I remember my cousin at 6 weeks pregnant saying "I don't feel anything at all!!". She is due next month. =) Hang in there hun.

wanda said...

Tashida I was in your neck of the woods this weekend and you were heavy on my mind. Girl now you know better then to give up. It's still early. Leave that darn therom alone too. You know that thing will drive you insane. Will be checking back later.

Susan said...

HPT's are the devil's spawn. You are making yourself nuts. I know this is the hardest part for you. Just so you know, i'm at 6-7 weeks gestation now and all i've felt so far are cramps like my period was starting. That's all.

You are in my prayers. Feel free to use my affirmative prayer on my blog. My friend came up with that for me and it has helped immensely to say it anytime i start to feel a negative thought creep in.

Lots of hugs and love to you!

jp said...

It is still way early for a test, so don't let those bring you down.
Cramps are a good sign, I had a bunch and they were worst around my second beta and still pop up from time to time. Here's hoping for a nice positive pee stick for you over the next few days.