Sunday, August 24, 2008


I tested this morning with SMU and got a very faint positive at 9DPO. Prayers that it continues to get darker. I showed DH and he was able to see it. He asked me isn't it too early for it to be positive and asked if it could still be trigger. I then showed him the test from yesterday and from Friday that were both negative and he said oh...wonder how many are in there.

Its very faint, and I doubt it will show up here, but I'll see:

This one was taken within the time limit and very faint:

This is the same test, pic taken after the test has dried:

Tested again....yeah I'm addicted. Sorry its dark. I didn't have the natural sunlight in my bathroom to help out my sucky camera! But good news real life its getting darker.


Kymberli said...

I can see it, Tashida! I pray that it gets darker!

Ms. J said...

Saying lots of prayers for you and the gang!

La La said...

I can see it in the last one!!! Wooooohooo!!! I, too, am wondering how many are in there!? Yippie!!! Hurry up and post those beta #s so we can obsess! ;)

bethkyle said...

Yay! Good luck! You made the right decision sticking it out when it seemed like everyone was against you.
Congratulations and blessings upon you!