Saturday, August 16, 2008

Talked to Nurse....

Just talked to the nurse and she said my Dr and the embryologist don't suggest mixing the blast with this cycle because the 2 I have would have to be grown to the blast stage in order for that to happen and due to my cycle this time and my numbers they are not sure if they will make it to 5 day blast so they recommend doing the 3 day transfer and saving the others for a FET. The said that your endmetrin or something may not be receptable to blast. I said well well the difference....if they don't think the 2 I have will make it to a 5 day, why waste my time doing a 3 day transfer if they dont' think they will make it. Then she says well they think it may do better in utero. I said but you just said that they said my utero isn't receptive to blast why would it be receptive to 3 day. She was going around in circles and unable to answer any questions that I was asking. So I then asked her if we wanted to take the risk and try to grow the other 2 out to day 5 is it our choice or is the choice left up to the doctors. She said that it was our choice. DH and I talked briefly about it before and I asked him if he wanted to risk it, and he was like no do you want to risk it. So of course he is leaving the decision in my lap and I don't know what I should do. He is sleep right now and trying to talk to him now is like trying to talk to a brick I gotta wait till he wakes up and see what he has to say now since I've spoken to the nurse.

Any thoughts/suggestions?


Heather said...

If I can't make a decision, I just pick one option and pretend like I'm going to go with it and see how it makes me feel. If it feels wrong, I try on the other choice and if that feels better I go that way. I know it sounds stupid but when I am truly stuck it works for me.

Follow your heart.

(and for what it is worth, 5 is my favorite number - my 5th IUI is what worked for us)

Thinking of you. I'm still holding out Hope over here for you guys. I'm not letting go of her.

Carrie said...

I'm so sorry Tash. I don't have any answers, but we will take it to prayer for you.