Thursday, August 7, 2008

CD 7 - Stim Day 6 - No longer pleased.....Not impressed....

I wasn't too happy with today's results, I'm progressing I just want to get there faster! Right: 10, 11, (4 smaller ones) and Left: 10, (4 smaller ones). E2=680. I also had my history and physical today. Dr. ML said that I am stimming slowly but that I'm already of ahead of last cycle by 2 days. I reminded her that I was on a higher dose last time. Last time I was on 300iu Follistim twice a day and this time I'm on 225iu Follistim twice a day. She said that she didn't want to bump my meds because it would take like two more amps and she was trying to save us money. (The follistim without insurance is about $900 a box and she said I would need two more boxes.)

I reminded her that although my IVF coverage had ran out my insurance thankfully still covered 80% of my medicine cost. I also have like 3 boxes of 900iu Follistim in the refrigerator because I based the amount I bought off how much I used last time. She was like oh great, since you got it I'm going to bump you up to 300iu tonight and 300iu tomorrow morning because I want you to get to where you were last time, just faster. She said I was trying to be conservative to save you cash. Um thanks Dr. ML I appreciate it, but whats most important to me right now is getting a great response so I have some great looking embies to transfer!

I also made sure to confirm that ICSI will be done on all and that three embryos will be transferred again. So I said Dr. ML, we're still good to go with ICSI on all and transferring three right, she said huh, I said just like last time except we're making sure to ICSI all right?!? She was like yeah we can still transfer three, but you know the risk it could still happen. Nancy my amazing nurse was like you know Tash!d@ would love twins. Dr. ML who is probably in her low 60's was like yeah I know but we're not supposed to encourage it. But transferring 3 is what it is!! Back again tomorrow for another u/s and b/w.

Oh yeah my nurse mentioned something really interesting to me. She said they are thinking about doing away with E2 numbers as they are learning they really don't mean anything. I was like really?!? She was like yeah, I was like well what about that thing you guys say about cancelling if E2 reaches 4500 because of the lining breaking down. She said we are seeing different and think it really doesn't matter anymore. :o/ I still want to know mine!

Right: 10, 11, (4 smaller ones)
Left: 10, (4 smaller ones)
E2: 680


wanda said...

Hey Tashida,

I see that you are moving right along. I guess its time for me to start "stalking" again....LOL.

soapchick said...

You are so smart Tashida, I think you should become a fertility doctor! You'd probably invent something to help more difficult cases like yours! Go girl, even if slowly! You are doing great!

Kymberli said...

I'm glad you're staying on top of ML with your desires for ICSI and the number transferred. It wouldn't hurt to mention it again before you go for retrieval. What happened with your last transfer isn't the first time she and the embryologists there have failed to take their clients' wishes into consideration.

That said, I hope that the extra Follistim gets those eggs growing faster!

Heather said...

I know they see a lot of people every day, I get that. But would it really be that hard to keep little notes in the top corner of stuff like what happened in your last cycle or what your protocol is?