Friday, August 1, 2008

Baseline for IVF# 4

So I called today to tell my nurse that AF had started and she had me come in this morning on CD 1 instead of CD 2. Drumroll........THANK YOU GOD! ALL CLEAR!!!! NO CYST!!! GREEN LIGHT to start stims!!

It was funny the way it happened. Okay the way the office does appointments is you go the front desk they send you to get blood, you go back to the front desk then they send you to an ultrasound done. The U/S techs send you back out with a piece of paper with everything that was seen on the u/s with u/s pics taped to the back. Then you are sent back to the front desk and wait on your nurse to come get you. It seems complicated but actually works pretty smooth. But anyway my nurse called my name and I walked up to her and handed her my paper - she yells 'I LOVE IT!' everyone in the waiting room looks our way I was like I love it too! She was like your paper don't have any cyst listed I was like I know...she kept saying I love it, I love it. Followed by my 'me too!' Then she said that everything looks great, the volume in my ovaries, lining, etc. I have 11 antral follies on the right and 10 antral follies on the left.

So here is my protocol:

CD 1 - 20 units Lupron
CD 2-4 ~ 20 units Lupron AM/ 225iu Follistim AM and 225 IU Follistim PM
CD 5-11 ~ 5 units Lupron AM/ 225iu Follistim AM and 225 IU Follistim PM

CD 5 - Tue @ 7:15
CD 6 - Wed @ 7
CD 7 - Thur @ 9:00 + History and Physical
CD 8 - Fri @ 7
CD 9 - Sat @ 845
CD 10 - Sun @ 830
CD 11 - Mon @ 7
CD 12 - Tue - Pre-op Appt
CD 13 - Wed - Tenative ER


Heather said...

YAY for no cysts!!! CONGRATS!

Bec said...

Glad to hear that there were no cysts and you can go ahead with this cycle! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you xxx

La La said...

Yaaaay!! How exciting! Keep us updated!

Susan said...

That's a great start!!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for this cycle.

Kymberli said...

Great news! That's a great antral follie count - I hope that they jump to attention and do what they're told!

Jennifer said...

Good for you!!!! I'm glad that you are finally starting. Keeping you in my prayers always :)