Sunday, March 29, 2009

2-Day Report

Thanks for all the well wishes. I really appreciate it.

I got a call today saying that it looks as though all 8 are still growing good. I am tentatively scheduled for ET tomorrow at 2:00 but they will most likely push to 5DT and someone will call me in the morning to confirm a time for Wednesday.

I am staying in bed today. I think I over did it yesterday. We went to the movies then my cousin called to tell me she was in town so we went and picked her up and I just did way too much moving yesterday so I'm very sore. I was trying not to tell her I had surgery but she kept making comments about how I was moving so I finally said I had surgery yesterday. She asked for what and I tried to think of the easiest and quickest way to say and cut the conversation. So I said, DH and I have been trying for over 5 years to have a baby, we've done four IVF's to try to have a baby and we're in the midst of another IVF. She then says oh it will happen just don't try so hard. Ugghhh I HATE HATE HATE when people say this not knowing what is really going on. So I said its not that simple for us as we have a lot of other issues that we are dealing with. Then she says oh the Endo well you know I have that and I have two kids maybe you're just trying too hard. By this time I'm irritated with the conversation and said this is the reason right here that we don't tell anyone what we're doing because people don't understand and always want to offer information that is not helpful to our situations. We've been at this for a while, lost two babies along the way and its not as simple as just not trying so hard. So this is why no one knows and I would appreciate it if you keep this between you and I because no one else knows and I don't want them to know. She says okay and finally drops it. Thank God! UgghhH! I already didn't feel like being bothered yesterday but felt the need to entertain since she called and said we are in town and I want to see you before we go. But needless to say I was so ready to take them back to where we picked them up from.

On the OHSS front, still taking down my fluids. I was distracted yesterday so I didn't drink the way I was supposed to so I'm playing catch up today. My weight is staying around the same weight and actually down one pound today which is great. I'm supposed to weigh myself 5 times a day to watch for an increase of 5lbs in one day which is a sign that fluid is building up and severe OHSS is forming and you must call the doc immediately.

But other than the soreness I'm doing pretty glad that its looking like a 5DT. The extra days will give my body time to get back right before transfer.


Rebecca said...

More great news!! I'm so happy for you.

I'm sorry you had to deal with the irritating comments from your cousin. We've had people say that kind of thing to us and it is so frustrating. Actually, it's more than that - it makes me mad. I keep reminding myself that they just don't understand and want to say something "helpful". I just wish they would keep their mouths shut.

I hope you can continue to get rest and fluids and are in top notch shape for a 5 day transfer! Take care of yourself!!

G & H said...

I HATE the dont try so hard just let it happen its like YOU people have no idea! UGH!

BU yeah for 8 growing embryos!

Molly said...

T, I feel your pain. We didn't tell people neither. In fact I have a private blog for my infertility, and a public one for few notes about the baby (and adoption) I just dont dare to make that IF one public. When I got pg (we have zero morphology), one girl who knew, told me "Im so happy for you, I told you you just have to relax (she was referring to adopting) and it WILL happen!!" That totally pissed me off. It would not happen no matter how much you relax, with zero morphology you can move to the most beautiful beach in the world and do nothing the whole day and you will still not get pregannt. Another girl told me that it's because we use so much chemicals (referring to the stims) and that we're doing a great dis-service to the planet earth cuase everything goes to the drain and water... she herself lives absolutely ecologically and becuase of that she sufferes from horrible headaches.
So we don't tell people neither. Unless you are there yourself, you just don't undrestand. And another thing that frustrated me was when everyone was telling me that we should have kids, that they are blessing and best thing that could ever happen to us and blah blah blah... even a new "friend" i made online and met in person, first question, why dont you have kids? Needless to say i never saw her again after that meeting.

Great report !! Keep them coming.

Boa said...

Im sorry you had to deal with another of those, "Just relax, it will happen" kind of deal. But on the other note, I am super happy that all 8 are still growing strong. That is awesome, I do also pray and hope that you will be able to do the 5DT to give you more time to rest. Praying! THings are looking great!

Ms. J said...

Oh T . . . amd I so excited for you!!! I said a prayer for you in church today, and you are never far from my thoughts.

Keep up with those fluids, and do whatever it takes to distract youself in the meantime :o)

Flower said...

Some people just don't get it....and they never will!!!

Glad to know that your embies are doing great.

Rose's Daughter said...

Great news!!!
On the other hand, I HATE it when people say don't try too hard. Are you kidding me? That's why I kept my TTC journey to myself too. Most people don't know what to say, and therefore say something stupid.

Anyway, keep us updated!

Michele said...

People are so dumb sometimes. I get tired of hearing how if I just relax, things will happen/ be okay. Really? That's all it takes? And I thought the last decade was giving me signs of a real problem. Thanks for solving it for me. UGH!!! I'm so SORRY that you had to endure that. Not cool!

Glad you are feeling okay. Cant wait to hear an update!

Alison said...

What great 2-day news! I just know you'll end up with a 5dt :) And get some rest girl! Are you taking time off from work?

I'm sorry about your cousin, I wish there was a way for people to understand IF other than actually having to go through it herself. I hate the "you are young, you still have time" comments after I mention our hardships. If one more person says that to me I'm going to kick them in the knee!

Where's my miracle? said...

Oh, how frustrating. I know that it is hard not to tell people because people know that something is up, then it is hard to tell people because 99% of the population just doesn't get it. I think all they know to say is "don't try too hard" or "just forget about it and you'll get pregnant". I get that all the time. Ugh! There is so much more going on than people realize. I'm sorry you had to deal with that especially when you are still recovering.

Keep up the fluids and get some needed rest! I hope they all make it to a 5DT!!!

Tiffany said...

Your report is FANTASTIC! Praying for you. OOOOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhh how I HATE when people say "stop trying so hard it will happen." Ugh! Take it easy hun, you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Yolen said...

God forbid this cousin ever has to deal with a medical problem---see how they appreciate being told to stop "trying so hard" to get well. I have zero patience for such thoughtless "helpfullness".