Thursday, March 19, 2009

Stim Day 9

Lining: 8
Right: 12, 13, 13, 10, 11
Left: 12, 11, 14, 12C, 11
E2: 1245

Okay I'll start by saying I love my new RE. He is awesome! He came in and he was so excited for me. So excited that I'm responding to the meds so excited for my growth, just genuinely happy for me. It feels good to feel that especially when you've been in a different situation with different RE's where you just felt like another number. He was very pleased with my numbers and growth. He said he wanted my E2 to be half what it was last time so it didn't' reach 5500 and he said it is exactly where he wants it. He said he wants my follies to go up to maybe around 20 or 22 before triggering. I was like wow are you a mind reader too. He was like no, I was like I wanted to ask you that because I was looking at my past charts and I wanted to go past 18 because even with 18 they wasn't mature. He was like yeah I was looking at that so I'm trying to get more mature from you. He said I also had a thought I would like to add something different. He said I gave you Ovidrel for your trigger shot which is a sub-q shot and now I want to add in 5,000 of the regular old trigger shot that goes IM too. He said I'm hoping with this double trigger it will shock your body and mature the eggs up even more for retrieval and make sure they all have a good release. He said this is why he wants my E2 not to get sky high because the extra HCG will boost the number even more. He said the amount of protein I have been on is good for now but at trigger he wants me to add one more protein drink to what I have been drinking making sure I'm getting at least 20g of protein in each drink so 3 protein drinks in total. Plus add 2 sports drinks but not Gatorade because it has too much salt, and stay on low sodium...too much salt is not good. I was like okay I'm with it. He said I also want to put you on two estradiol patches after retrieval because we don't want a huge drop in your E2. He said I'm looking into different studies to see if women who have been on depot lupron for 3 months need estrogen added back since they have been deprived from it for so long while on the lupron. I was like okay, I'm with it. Then he said I would like to bring you in over the course after the transfer to continue to monitor your levels to see how the added estrogen is helping out and what your hormones levels are doing. I was like okay I'm with it. Lets see...what else....oh yeah he is not sure when I will trigger but when he gets that feeling that everything is just right is when we may trigger. Could be Monday or Tuesday he is not sure, we will just watch my follicles and let them tell us.


Rebecca said...

Great news all around!!

Sounds like Dr. S is great, which makes me feel good since we'll be starting our cycle with him next month. This reconfirms the impression I've already gotten from him so far.

I'm so happy for you that everything is shaping up just the way it should be!

Boa said...

OH yeah, sounds like he is an amazing Dr. Im very happy and excited. Cant wait for the next good news! Keep them coming =)

Michele said...

Sounds like he is on the ball! Great! Keeping happy thoughts for you!!!

TheDales said...

That is great! I don't know if I've asked before but do you go to the RBA location in Lawrenceville or Atlanta? I go to Lawrenceville and I pink puffy heart Dr. S! He is truly amazing! I get to see him on Monday for my second u/s! I will be sad when they release me to my OB because I know I won't get the same kindness that he brings to the table.

I can't wait for more good news! Keep it coming...