Wednesday, March 4, 2009


So I think I can finally begin my count down. It seems like it has taken FOREVER for this cycle to start and come Wednesday I can begin sticking myself in the belly again. Who in their right mind would look forward to and enjoy sticking a needle in their belly, not one, not two, not three but FOUR times a day? That would be desperate woman on a quest to make her husband a daddy!

So I had my Endo Biopsy done on Monday. I had this done back in November by my old RE after my second chemical but my new RE wanted to do it again to check that everything is kosher in there and two because of some studies that showed having an endo biopsy right before your IVF cycle could possibly increase your chances. I found this article that talks about it in detail First Biopsy, Then Baby

And another one Mother of Invention

What do you ladies think? Anyone done it and think it helped with your success?

It would be great if it does help out. Hoping that my results come back all clear. I should have them in about a week.


Michele said...

Sending you big hugs and good luck wishes!!!

Flower said...

The time is near (wink) I am so excited for you...and thanks for being such a great supporter (hugs)I am praying that your dreams come true.

Boa said...

Im very excited for you hun, I will keep you in my prayers.