Thursday, March 12, 2009

Awwhh....Good News....Again!!

Oh my goodness what is really going on....good news two days in a row!!!!

So my job sent this out today:

On maternity leave, the Board agreed that we should aim to be a market leader within the US employment market, and exceed international minimum standards - as set by the ILO. We therefore decided to increase the period of fully-paid maternity leave from two to eight weeks, with immediate effect.

This, plus the existing provision of 6-8 weeks leave under our short term disability benefit (70% of salary) will give local staff up to 16 weeks' paid maternity leave, with the option of adding annual leave entitlement and a period of unpaid leave onto that. The Board agreed that paternity leave (two weeks on full pay), which was identical to that for UK-based staff, should remain the same.

Okay so last time I got pregnant (the chemical) I figured out how much maternity leave I would get. I figured the most I could get using some personal leave times was like 2 1/2 months. With this new change I can now get almost 4 1/2 months of maternity leave. 8 weeks of that at 100% of my pay and 6-8 weeks at 70% of my pay and like 2 weeks at 100% of my pay using vacation time.

This is awesome and the change comes at perfect timing! I can't wait to the day I am able to utilize this new change! And its so much better that I would get more time to spend with the baby/ies before having to put him or her into daycare and now they can go in daycare at 4 months old instead of 2 months old and that makes a HUGE difference!

Okay....okay...bring me more...bring me more....I love getting this good news!!!!


RB said...

That's awesome news! I really am praying that you get to take advantage of this new perk :)

Flower said...

Great!!!Keep it stop...sticky BFP!!!

Alicia_B said...

That is so great!

Michele said...

OUTSTANDING!!! We get 12w and the 12w starts at your first day of vacation/sick leave. Once your vacation/sick runs out, it's unpaid.

Boa said...

GOD IS GOOD!!!! Im so happy hun!