Sunday, March 22, 2009

Stim Day 11 & 12

Sorry for keeping you waiting on an update. I was so busy and tired yesterday...I didn't even cut my laptop on at all!

Follies are still growing but now my E2 is getting crazy sky high which of course they are worried about!

So yesterday was Stim Day 11:

E2: 3700
Right: 16,16, 15,15, 14,14,14, 13, 12, 11
Left: 16, 15,15,14,12,12,11

Today Stim Day 12:

E2: 5683
Right: 17,17,16,16,15,15,15,14,14,13,10,10,10
Left: 18, 17, 16, 15, 15, 13, 12, 11, 10

My doctor actually called me himself today. I answered the phone saying hello, he says hello how are you and I say the unsure who you are type voice and he said this is your friendly neighborhood doctor. I was like WHAT?!? I'm getting a call from the doctor himself! He said yes, I had to call and wish you a Happy Sunday! He asked how I was doing I said I feel great he said your E2 is sky high even with cutting your meds back as far as we could. Thats when he told me the number I was like oh...yeah that is high. He asked if I was feeling the effects of the high E2 number at all. I told him no, I'm not bloated or sore or anything. He said great you must be doing what you're supposed to be doing with the water and high protein. So now they are coasting me. He still wants me to get above 20 in my numbers and he hopes by coasting me that my E2 number will not continue to rise but will plateau out and if it rises to 6000 or 7000 we will wait another day or two in hopes that it will drop down a little.

So as of now.....just coasting and seeing what the follies do only on Lupron and Lovenox. I'm hoping I have some 20's by tomorrow and my E2 hasn't jumped even further so that I can trigger tomorrow night, but if not hopefully Tuesday at the latest.


Christina said...

Crapola that is high!!! Good luck baby girl, I hope its smooth sailing from here on out!! Love ya!

Molly said...

T, it is high but you also have lots of follies (i dont know how much you had last time) so hopefully it will all work out !!
Keeping my fingers crosssed
Molly, BC

Alison said...

Woah, this is not what I expected to see! Dang. Great looking follie #'s though!

Glad you are feeling fine though, and good girl for keeping up with the protein and fluids. Hopefully the coasting will keep you in safe range - good luck at tomorrow's appointment!

Michele said...

EEK!!! Lots of protein and water (I recommend luna bars- 10g of protein each!) Fingers are crossed!

Rose's Daughter said...

WOW! That E2 is HIGH!!!

I've got my fingers crossed for you!

Boa said...

im sorry it went up that high, but holly molly you got some good amount of follicles there girl!! Praying a few will turn 20 overnight. Good luck!!

Flower said...

Your follies are looking great. Take care of yourself with that E2 rising. Hopefully you will trigger soon.

La La said...

Wow that is a lot of follies! Great job girl!

Try low sodium chicken broth. It has protien and lots of water. (Put hot sauce or lemon juice in it for flavor.)

Christina said...

Are you drinking fluids, and taking care of yourself???? Im so worried about that E2 level!! How are you feeling? When is your appointment...thank god Im off work again today, or I would have to have you texting me all this info!!! Love ya!

Ms. J said...

Damn, that sounds like quite the party goin' on in your girly parts, hee hee!

You're in my prayers!