Friday, March 20, 2009

Stim Day 10

E2: 2083
Right: 15,15,14,14,14,13,12,12,12
Left: 15,15,14,11,12

Dropping meds to 75 Gonal F/75 Menopur tonight and 75 Gonal F in the morning and 150 Menopur in the morning. My ultrasound and bloodwork is at 9:30 tomorrow.

I'm very happy with my growth and loving the fact that they are growing around the same pace.

Right now we're looking at trigger on Monday with ER on Wednesday!


RB said...

I love all this good news! Your cycle is looking great :)

Rose's Daughter said...

Girl, that's a lot of follicles!!!!!

Boa said...

Awesome knews, Oh yeah!! Keep them coming lord!!

Soapchick said...

You go girl, you're kicking butt this cycle! Yeah for new doctor and protocol that is working!

Ms. J said...

Wo, you are REALLY cookin' there!!!

BTW, I love your term "Matchoversiary" to describe that the anniversary of that magical moment in an adoption -- how CLEVER!!!

Michele said...


wanda said...

I love your new RE. Give him a big ole kiss for me. He is AWESOME!!! You have some great sized follies. I can't wait until the transfer. This is it T. It's really happening this time for you and A. Such wonderful news.

BTW...sorry about what went on betw you and BFF.